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About The Market Squawk and What to Expect

Here’s to good deals, money management, and loving life!
My name is Andrea, and I am the author of The Market Squawk.

What to expect from The Market Squawk blog:

1) I will post financial skills and money management ideas. I work in accounting in the real world, but I am not a financial adviser, nor licensed in any way to give financial advice. I am here to share my own personal experiences with you, and any advice that you take from me is by your own choice and I cannot be held accountable for any inconsistencies. I do, however, love to show how money can grow with the proper care, and that budgets, planning, and saving can help secure your future!

2) I will post good deals and steals here. While I may post a deal every once in a while that has an affiliate link, you are not obligated to use it and may find the deal directly on your own. I post my affiliate links to help recuperate some of the costs of maintaining this blog, but this is not my source of income, and I will NEVER post something that isn’t a good deal just to try and earn a buck off someone else. I take the time and effort to post information, products, and links to items to buy that are worth the price asked for those items.

3) I will never write “HURRY!” or “GRAB NOW!!” or “GeT tHiS DeAl ThIs MiNuTe Or U wIlL mIsS oUt!!!!” like some other blogs. Why? You know what works for your household, and sometimes those fast-paced samples and random drawings are not worth dropping what you’re doing to spend 10 minutes fighting an overloaded site. The excitement of grabbing free wood floor wipes as one of the first 1K people to enter a form may overtake the knowledge that you have carpeted floors. Your time is valuable, and I will rarely post deals that are very time sensitive unless the time to fill out the form in a rush is worth it.

4) You can subscribe to the blog posts to receive the posts in your email (infrequent – usually at most once a day), or follow on Facebook or on Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are identical feeds, and anything posted in the blog is also broadcasted there. Facebook and Twitter carry more daily deals and time sensitive deals, as well as shares from other blogs that have valuable teachings or significant savings.

5) I will not count gift cards or other rewards back as part of the price (when something costs $3 with a $3 rewards return when you purchase it, I will not say it’s FREE. Or if an item is $20 with a $10 gift card given back for purchasing, I will not tell you your final price is $10.) Remember, above all, it’s not what you save, but what you spend. Want your bank account to grow? Lower your costs and spend less. How to do that? Click on the Homepage button to find out!

Have questions you’d like to see me address, or ideas or deals? Squawk anytime with a comment or email me at acctngandrea at gmail and let me know!

Thanks for reading & I look forward to getting to know you!

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