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New Program – Pay Cash for Purchases

June 6, 2012 has rolled out a new program – paying for purchases made online with cash. You have the opportunity to pay cash or use a check in the store instead of using a credit card or paypal online. This seems to tap a missed market, such as those without credit cards (like Dave Ramsey followers or teens), or those uncomfortable with setting up accounts and/or payments online. Unfortunately for those who try to take advantage of paying cash in the store, your order actually doesn’t ship (to your house or to the store) until you’ve gone into your local Walmart store and paid for the order. You also have 48 hours only to pay for the order.

This new program may expand, and other stores may adopt it, or it may fall by the wayside unused and underutilized. Time will tell if this venture will prove its worth!

According to Walmart‘s website:

Using Cash or Checks

The cash option is available only with eligible orders, and allows you to create an order reservation on You can then visit any Walmart store within 48 hours to pay for and place your order. Payments are accepted at any cash register, using cash, check, Walmart Gift Cards or any credit or debit card accepted by the store.

Please note: Orders are not complete and will not be processed or shipped until payment is received.

If you have not used our pay with cash option before, choose “Enter a New Payment Method” and then select “Cash” from the dropdown. Enter purchaser contact information and click Continue. (The contact information is used only in case there is a problem with the order.)

If you have previously used this option, select “Cash” from the list of saved payment methods. If the Payer contact information has changed, click the “Edit” link to the right.

Eligible Orders: Most orders that are shipped by Walmart to an address or delivered for pickup through our Site to Store® service are eligible for Cash payments.

Exceptions: Orders will not be eligible for in-store payments if they include any of the following: items fulfilled through our Pick Up Today or Site to Store FedEx services; tires, prescription medications, or Video on Demand by VUDU items; items sold by a Walmart Marketplace Retailer; or if the total value or number of items in the order is above our limit.

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