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Free Calorie Counting, Nutrition, and Exercise Tracking Websites

May 23, 2012

If you’re counting calories, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to calculate your food! There are several sites that offer calorie apps, support forums, and health, nutrition, and exercise articles to help you get and stay healthy.

The most popular  free sites, due to the abundance of resources offered and accountability that other users can give you through support groups, are Livestrong, My Fitness Pal, and SparkPeople:

Livestrong’s Daily Plate not only counts the calories from the food you input, but you can also keep track of your water intake and your exercise. Livestrong is Lance Armstrong’s nonprofit organization.

My Fitness Pal is similar to the daily plate through Livestrong, where you create a food journal by tracking the foods you eat and seeing your remaining calorie intake allowance for the day. Like Livestrong, you can post your meals or your exercise on Facebook so that your friends can help keep you on track.

SparkPeople helps you create other goals to create a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, not just a diet, and with meal plans and recipes available along with calorie and exercise counting.

Also available are:

The US Government offers the Supertracker, where you can look up the nutritional value of your plate and determine how many calories you are burning with a particular exercise.

Nutrition Possible, from the makers of the vitamins Centrum, offers advice and nutrition info about vitamins based on current dietary intake and active/inactive lifestyle.

There are also a ton of iPhone and smartphone apps available as well, particularly helpful to steer you in the healthy direction when you’re on the go! Check out the article here.

Curves Gym for Women is currently offering a free week of membership for new members.

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