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Where to Find Free Advanced Movie Tickets

May 1, 2012

Movie season is upon us, and soon the summer movies for $1-$2 on weekday mornings will pop up. Until then, get advanced tickets for some of the latest hits! Sign up at the following sites to increase your chances of scoring advanced screening tickets for films before they are released to the general public:

On Gofobo‘s site, search for movies by zip code, but it’s easier & more likely that you will only be able to attend screenings of ones you received a “personal invition” for. These movies tend to be larger and more popular.

Advanced Screening pulls from many sources (including local city papers) to find screenings for local advanced screenings.

Wild About Movies updates their page daily with links to print passes for specific movies – once you click on a  movie title, you’ll find out if it’s available in your area.

Film Metro concentrates in larger metropolitan cities, but allows you vie for tickets in any area, not just be invited to advance screenings.

Don’t forget to like upcoming movies and movie studios on Facebook (and The Market Squawk!), as well as your local Cities on the Cheap, for the best chances to learn about screenings and advanced tickets!

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