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Mystery Shopping Blog

February 13, 2012

Mystery Shopping seems to be…well, mysterious. I’ve been mystery shopping for about a year and a half, and enjoy doing these kinds of jobs. There’s a great blog that I learned from, Nicole’s Nickels, that teach you the basics and which are they trustworthy companies. The MSPA website is the official website for all mystery shopping companies, and they have a job board so that you can see the jobs first, then sign up with the company if you want to complete that shop. I am a certified silver with the MSPA, and am signed up with a little over a dozen companies – the more you sign up with, the more opportunities to get a good shop & find ones you like doing. I’ve discovered I like some more than others, and some pay quicker than others. Some are reimbursements, some are pay, and some are both – but it IS a job, and professional attitudes and a good work ethic with great attention to detail and memory are a must! Happy Shopping!

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