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January 25, 2012

The other day, American Express hosted a discussion on Crowdtap about what two top financial questions you might have, presumably to either address them or develop products to help. I got sucked into that discussion board all day, sharing my own financial experience and research. The most common were 1) What’s the best way I save for retirement? and 2) Do I create an emergency fund or pay down my credit card first? and 3) How do I manage my money so that I can save for college for my kids? And ~poof~ this blog was born. (Questions to those will come in future posts!) While obviously everyone has their own personal financial situtation – I may make the same income as another but my spending habits may vary – there’s no one answer that fits all. However, I will try to address as many scenerios and options as possible in my posts! What burning questions do you have about your finances? What do you wish there were more information out there?

By the way, come join me on Crowdtap! You connect with this site through Facebook, and companies post questions, discussions, and sample programs for you to answer & apply for. I haven’t gotten to sample any products or earned any gift cards yet, but others on the site have, so maybe soon! (Plus it’s cool knowing you’re helping to shape industries as an informing consumer!) Join crowdtap today!

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